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How it works

How It Works/FAQs

To Use:

1. Click on "Post a New Listing"
2. Complete requested information. Ensure all information is accurate and complete.
3. Confirm you have a PayPal account and have correctly linked it.
4. Feel free to advertise your posting as you see fit. 

1. Check the boxes pertaining  to the items that you are seeking in your ideal facility. Note, highly restrictive search criteria may not yield any results.
2. Find ideal facility.
3. Confirm you have a PayPal account.
4. Contact lessor. 
5. Agree on lease terms. 
6. Pay lessor and enjoy! 


  • What Does it Cost to Use SharedWorkshop's Platform?

Our basic option runs $250 for a 4 month ad; however, for certain clients--very small manufacturers and clients with multiple listings--we offer discounted pricing. From time to time, we do run specials. 

To celebrate our expansion into new markets, our current special is a free 3 month posting in exchange for 5 new referrals or $59. 

Please Note: We concluded our free Beta testing in April 2018. 

  • Why Should I Pay to List on SharedWorkshop When Craigslist is Free?

Three reasons:

1. We specialize in manufacturing. SharedWorkshop is not only a platform for listing space, it is a manufacturing ecosystem. Specifically, as we enter new markets, our team has been successful in establishing strong partnerships with manufacturing associations, universities' innovation and entrepreneurship centers, local government officials, international trade organizations, and makerspaces. This ecosystem does not (and cannot) exist on Craigslist. When you list on SharedWorkshop, you become part of a greater more connected manufacturing community. 

2. We promote our members. We love promoting our members. In July 2018, one of SharedWorkshop's earliest users flew with our CEO to Hong Kong to help showcase the SharedWorkshop platform (and her own company's work) to overseas investors, foreign manufacturers, and other tech firms. SharedWorkshop continually looks for opportunities to showcase who our members are and why manufacturing matters.

3. Ease and Ad quality. While Craigslist is free, weeding through the millions of ads of individuals offering all kinds of goods and services to find your ideal space is exhausting. SharedWorkshop instead only focuses on manufacturing; our easy to use search filters helps you find the space right for you quickly and easily, allowing owners to rent their space faster.  Finally, our team provides tidbits to users on how to improve their ads based specifically off of the data we see from how visitors are interacting with various ads. Currently these personalized suggestions are included in the price. 

  • How Do I Become a Featured Listing?

Email us directly for pricing information. 

  • How Many Views Will My Ad Receive?

Featured ads receive about 8X more views then non-featured ads. 
Further, while there is no way to tell in advance, our analysis suggests that a number of factors impact both page views and successful rentals. Those factors include: prices at or below market rates, high quality photos, a clean or well appointed space,  a description that talks about the space in glowing terms, the larger community where the space is located (e.g. near universities, major highways or airports, near city centers, public transportation, a broader manufacturing community, or other key attractions) and general demand in the space's specific city.

  • Can You Advertise Other Services on SharedWorkshop?

If you are interested in advertising services other then available space on our platform or to our members, please use the Contact Us form to email us directly.

  • Does SharedWorkshop Screen Lessees? 

Yes. We use a third party firm to run a background check on lessees who book through our site. The lessee bears the cost. 

  • Does SharedWorkshop Provide Supplemental Insurance?

Not at this time. However, all SharedWorkshop platform users  must agree to SharedWorkshop's Terms of Use statement which includes attesting that they are fully insured and meet all safety and legal regulations.