Information about SharedWorkshop


About SharedWorkshop

Established in 2017 to promote the revival of America's manufacturing heritage and find a solution to the 1 Billion sq ft of unused manufacturing space, we are a peer-to-peer marketplace platform that matches owners of partially or entirely empty industrial facilities with individuals or companies who will productively use the space. 

Why Use SharedWorkshop?

Factory Owners: Easily Monetize Unused Industrial Space; Share Administrative/Overhead Costs.

Renters: Easily Find Ideal Manufacturing Space; Be a Part of a Larger Manufacturing Ecosystem.

Collaborative Logistics Benefits: Share Expertise; Decrease Production Cost/Time to Market.

Where Does SharedWorkshop Operate?

We are currently conducting a pilot test in Metro Detroit. Following a successful pilot, we plan to expand to an additional 6 locations in circa 2020 and take the model nationally in 2025. 

What Does it Cost to Use SharedWorkshop's Platform?

We are currently running a limited time promotion where we do not charge the factory owner nor the renter to use our platform.